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15th July 2024 
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Frances McGibney, MA Psych, Dip HIP, BEd (Hons).


I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist, and have been running my private practice in Bath, Bristol and North Somerset since 1998. I can work with you as part of a group, or individually, both short and long term, according to your needs and what it is you are looking for right now.

I am an experienced supervisor and offer supervision to qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, as well as trainees.

People come to see me who are not able to get on with their lives in the way they want, or feel stuck in maladaptive patterns of behaviour or thinking that have taken a hold. If this is how you feel right now, it could be that you are experiencing :

* Depression, anxiety, or panic attacks, especially relevant at the moment because of the dangerous and frightening times we have had to live through since the beginning of last year; the many losses we have had to face, including tragically our loved ones, and sometimes the ability to support our families.

*Change in your life that feels overwhelming and unmanageable.

*Loss through bereavement, divorce, employment, children leaving home, etc.

*Obsessive or compulsive urges that have become unmanageable.

*Problems in relationships, low self-esteem and poor self-image.

* Feeling stuck and powerless, without any control.

*Affected by memories of difficult experiences, or of a traumatic childhood

Possibly you are not sleeping well, or you are becoming angry at even small things. Maybe you feel lost and don't know who you really are any more.

My aim in working with you would be to provide a safe space where you can begin to explore and understand yourself, especially in relation to others. Most of us live our lives through our relationships. We gather ideas about ourselves from how we are treated and we become the people we are told we are, often bypassing our own innate individuality and potential. In a safe and confidential setting you can begin to explore those aspects of yourself you have kept hidden unknowingly, or that have not had permission to be part of your natural way of relating.

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